“LAW AND ORDER”hybrid board game

Ignorance is not an excuse!

Functioning of the law in a democratic state is based on the assumtion that every recipient of the legal norm (the one who should obey it as well as the one who should apply it) knows its content. Ignorantia legis non excusat (or ignorantia legis non exculpat) from Latin means ignorance of law is not an excuse). It is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law.


LEX ET ORDO - LAW AND ORDER is the first hybrid, education game which gives game players an opportunity to transformed into citizens. They go through life and come across different kinds of situations, which can happen in real life. The decissions which they made have influence on what’s next.

Why it is worth playing?

The game is a combination of its paper and electronic version. The technology aspect makes the game modern education tool. LAW AND ORDER helps the players learn the law, develop their civic attitude and practice their social skills.
Players experience the results of their choices both – beeing in prison or beeing free.
They learn how to react in a different kinds of situations in real life. It deffinitely could help them in the future.

Because of the possibility to add unlimited number of „cases” even online – during the game – it is possible to adapt the game to the players age or players interests (e.g. economic law for businessman).

Basic informations

Number of players The game is created for 2-6 players Game timey Game’s algorytm allows to decided on the game time. However it couldn’t be less than 30 minutes. Game players Recommended age of players: minimum 8 years old. The structure of the game guarrantees entertainment for children and adults. It is because the players decided of the level of difficulty on their own (activ pawn).

Game rules

LEX ET ORDO - open community project!

Every lawyer, law office, law student or law enthusiast could create their own (real of fictional) “case” based on the current regulations of polish law. Game moderator adds chosen “cases” to the system, and the author (authors) will have the rights to sign it with his (their) surname (name) and link the signature to any website.

Sample entry